March 25, 2010

Question #3

Question:  When during MOS school did you find out your first duty station? My fiance is currently at MCT in Pendleton,and I'm a bit axious to know when he will know where we will end up living! Thank you sooo much for your service, and God Bless. :)

Answer:  MCT lasts for a little less then a month and after that he will be going to his MOS school.  Depending on what his MOS is will determine where he goes and how long he is there for.  Typically during any type of training environment (boot camp, MCT, or MOS School), you are not authorized a vehicle or to move your spouse to that location.  If schooling is expected to last more then a year he may be authorized a vehicle only.  As far as finding out when he will receive orders for his first duty station, that usually happens the  last week or two of MOS school.  The instructors want to  be fairly confident that the students will pass that course before orders are issued.  Considering that you are married it is unlikely that he would be sent to an oversees duty station at first such as Okinawa, Japan or even Hawaii.  It will more then likely be in CONUS.  To get an idea of where he may be going you can:

1.  Find out his MOS #:  Four digit number (0651 in my case)
2.  Contact his recruiter and ask where the school house is for MOS XXXX.  Then you'll know where he's going after Pendleton.
 3.  After MOS school he could go any where, but more then likely will stay in the USA and once again will typically find out the last week or two while there.

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