March 12, 2010

Question # 1

Can you use your phone during 0651 mos training? Do you get libo and can you leave base? What are the barracks like and how long is the school? 

Yes you can have a phone during MOS just can't bring it to the school house. Once classes start you usually get released around 1600-1700 every day and the rest of the day is yours to do w/e with. The weekends are yours as well and you can go where you want as long as you let your chain of command know and depending on your instructor you may have to submit it in writing. You can't bring your own vehicle so if you plan on going far off base I'd recommend a bus, a taxi once you get where you're going, and some friends to help split the cost of everything. The barracks are not to bad, expect to have 3-4 roommates though. Once class starts school last about 3 mo, although you may wait in a MAT (Marines Awaiting Training) platoon for a few months before class starts.

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