August 25, 2009

Class 26.5

Class 26.5 has been my family for the past few months. I remember very distinctly when it was finally time for class to start. I had grown accustomed to the routine that I had already fallen in and like anything new that may come into a person’s life, I felt a little apprehensive. Since that time I am thankful for the class that I am in and for the instructors that have been put in charge of us. We have been through a lot as a class. Some hard times, and some really good times. Either way we each pushed each other to continue pressing on.

Physically I am doing well and am seeing progress, although I have a long way to go. The pictures are from a five mile run that we did along the ridge line of some of the hills/mountains that surround our base. The terrain and the sand really make it hard. Believe me when I say I surely wasn’t leading the pack.

Academically I am doing well too. Since my last posting I have become fully A+ Certified. It is an entry level certification that shows the Marine Corps and the Civilian world I am skilled in computer repair and troubleshooting. We have also finished the CCNA courses which introduce us to networking fundamentals and the beginnings of understanding and setting up a network. It was split into 4 parts called Modules, with the 4th module being voluntary if you qualified based on your class average. Each module was at most 11 chapters long. It was very tough to study like I knew I should because it is just so time consuming. Nevertheless, I was able to do fairly well in it.

I am still number one in my class, but I say that in humbleness knowing that at anytime I could become prideful and arrogant and lose my spot. I still need to study hard to keep that intact and if my instructors see fit, they may reward me with a meritorious promotion to Lance Corporal.

Currently we are studying Microsoft Server and after that we will be studying Microsoft Exchange. Once again we will be graduating October 1st, 2009 and after that it will be off to my first duty station. I hope and pray that I get stationed at Camp Pendleton, but I suppose wherever I go I can make the best of it.

I have learned a lot while being here in Twenty-nine Palms. Both inside and outside of the classroom. Things in the Marine Corps can be really tough. Physically, mentally, and emotionally we are challenged. I suppose it would be the same for anybody who is living. Life is tough! So many decisions, so many choices. Thank God for the Light that lights our path! Though life is tough I am so thankful for it. August 26, 2009 will begin my 25th year of life. If only it didn’t have to begin in the middle of the desert!! Then again, some of God’s greatest leaders were shaped and formed on the backside of a desert where the only place worth looking, was up! May I continue to look up.