September 20, 2009

A Brief Update

Well....we're down to the last mile on the journey in Twentynine Palms. Graduation is less then two weeks away and then off to home for just a few days. We're closing alot of loose ends here and making alot of final preparations before graduation. We'll be taking a few class photos which should be very memorable as well. We've finished all testabe courses and overall I ended up with the second highest GPA. Overall, I am happy with how I did, but I know I could have done better.

This coming week we have a final Personal Fitness Test, which includes max crunches in two minutes, max pull ups, and a three mile run. The score for this is the deciding factor for who gets the top spot in the class. We also have a Charlie and Alpha Inspection this week too.

Graduation is set for Oct. 1st and we will all be leaving Oct. 2nd. I plan on being home for only about three or four days before heading to Cherry Point, NC where I will be stationed for the next few years. I will be part of the Marine Wing Communication Squadron. I'm not sure if being part of the air wing means I have to like flying...I hope not! While I requested to stay on the West Coast I am happy with where I am going. It is closer to home and a change of scenery from the brownness that is Twentynine Palms. I wish I could visit home longer, but I suppose thats what holidays are for.

As bad as Twentynine Palms is...I will miss it Not so much the place, but rather the people. I wish you all well...may God keep us safe and happy!