April 25, 2010

Question # 4

If your MOS is 0651 do you still get to do duties like the infantry or volunteer for floats?


The short answer to your question is, Yes.  There are always opportunities to do things outside of your MOS as an 0651.  I have friends who have deployed as 0651's and have done security patrols, provided security from helicoptors, worked at the checkpoints, ect.  There is another friend I know who is an instructor at the Wing Driver School (where you train for Humvee, Seven Ton, Bus, MRAP, ect.)  who is also an 0651.  As far as "Floats"  I'm assuming that you mean a Ship.  Data Marines (0651) get to go on MEU's (Marine Expiditionary Unit) all the time.  I know of several people in my shop who have gone.  I would like to go myself but as of yet have not.  These MEU's go all over the place ranging from the east coast of the USA to Austrailia, and South America.

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