December 28, 2008

Lots of Lasts

The time is approaching for me to leave for boot camp on January 5th. It is a bitter sweet time as I enter into this next chapter of my life. I have grown used to where I am. I have a decent job, I am active in my ministries, and I am overall doing well. But the time is fast approaching when I will be leaving all of this behind.

I have now spent the last Sunday on my bus route. I have grown to love the children that were on that route and thoroughly enjoyed playing games, singing songs, and just plain being a goofball with them. I pray that they continue to be faithful and that they one day will grow out of the bus ministry and end up in "the big church" as they sometimes call it.

My last Sunday in church is now complete as well. I can never fully express what this church has done in the lives of me and my family. I would love to stay and serve as much as they would allow me to, but the time has come for me to move on. I look forward to the next church where God will allow me to serve and witness for Him.

My last week of work in the civilian world is also upon me. My job at Best Buy (#405 is the best!!) has been the most enjoyable paying job that I ever had. The atmosphere was great, the people, quirky sometimes, were lots of fun. I will miss the friends, coworkers, and bosses that I had the privilege of working with. You guys are all awesome and I will miss you.

While this week may be a week of "lasts" it is certain that the next week will open the horizon to many new beginnings. I look forward to what God has in store for me as He continues to mold and make me into the Christian that He wants me to be.


Anonymous said...

Hi Joseph,
I enjoyed reading your blog and I hope boot camp goes really well for you. I'm going to USMC Officer Candidate School this summer and looking forward to it.
Like you, I also had some questions about being a Christian in the military, but decided that if this is God's will for me then it is right. Since deciding that, I've started focusing on reasons to be proud to serve in the Marine Corps. I'm convinced that if you want to be a good soldier and serve your country, the Marine Corps is the place to do it.
Boot camp will be really hard, but hopefully you will have some fun too! I'll pray for you.
God Bless,