January 3, 2009

Time to Go

Well folks, the time to go has finally arrived. The next time I write, God helping me, I will be a United States Marine. I spent the day cleaning up my room, washing clothes, and spending time with family and friends. I will miss everybody so much and I covet the prayers of all of you to help me stay strong both physically and spiritually.

January 4, 2009 at 12:30 pm, I will be leaving to go to Lansing, MI where I will spend the night in a hotel courtesy of Uncle Sam. I will wake up Monday morning at 5 am where, for the last time, I will go to MEPS (Military Entrance Processing Station). Here, I will undergo basic questions ensuring I haven't disqualified myself since my initial enlistment, I will review my contract, and take the Oath of Enlistment again. Then it's off to the airport to await my flight to San Diego, California. From what I understand I will be arriving at Marine Corps Recruit Depot at night and processing will continue through the night and into the next day. I will not sleep at all Monday night. So if you're wondering what I'll be doing on the plane...take a guess!

Basic Training will be thirteen weeks long, including one week of initial processing. If all goes well I will be graduating on April 3, 2009. I will not know my mailing address until I arrive in California and I will have no way of posting it while I am there. If you wish to send me a letter you can contact my church at the link posted on my blog. Otherwise, feel free to leave a comment or send me an email (my email is listed on my profile), and I'll be sure to answer back when I am able.

I am looking forward to this next step in my life and I am glad to be able to serve both my God and my Country. Until I write again....Joseph Cuestas.