December 27, 2008

I Am WIlling

The United States Armed Forces is composed of individuals who have willingly volunteered to serve. There are thousands of young men and women all across this country who like me who have decided to commit years out of their lives in service to this great country of ours. I cannot speak on behalf of those thousands, but I know that within my own heart I have weighed the benefits of service against the dangers.

It is no secret that the United States Military exists for the sole purpose of defending this country. There is an element of danger in protecting what we as Americans hold so dear. As we watch the news and read the articles of young men and women who have died in service to this country, we are saddened and sometimes angered that they had to die.

I have enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. I was not forced or coerced. I have chosen this for myself. Knowing that we as a country are engaged in two wars, knowing the dangers that I may have to face, knowing that I may be put on the front lines of a battlefield, and knowing that I may ultimately die serving my Country....I enlist!

Before I committed to enlisting in the Armed Services there were two questions I asked myself. First, is this Gods will for my life right now; I believe with all my heart that it is. Second, am I willing to die in service to my country.

That was not an easy question for me to answer within myself. No one likes to think of themselves dying, especially in some foreign country in the middle of a war zone. I imagined all of the things that I would miss out on if I was chosen to make such a great sacrifice. I envisioned the sadness and grief that friends and loved ones would have to endure. I pictured the rage that may be kindled in those I leave behind towards the military for sending me to such a dangerous place. I do not want any of those things to happen in the lives of the people I care so much about.

Nevertheless, if it should be me that suffers that fatal blow, then so be it. I do not wish it upon myself or any of our countries troops. But the simple fact is that in war people will die. I cannot imagine that anyone joining our military has not given some thought to the fact that they could perish. Whether outwardly expressed or inwardly confirmed it seems like we must all say, "I'm Willing."

Dear countrymen, friend, and family, do not grieve to long if I should be one of the fallen, do not become bitter at our Country or its leaders, and do not cast blame to those whom blame is not due. If you must blame anyone...blame me. I know there are risks, I understand there are dangers, I have counted the costs, and if I must die...I Am Willing.