June 17, 2009

Draw Nigh

Joseph Cuestas

You’ve read all the verses, you’ve heard it preached. You’ve sat through the classes and if asked you could teach. You’ve read all the books and heard all the stories. You’ve heard countless accounts sharing His glory. It seems to make sense and you believe it all true; yet you wonder why God never speaks to you!

You see the joy that others have and the blessings given from on high. You see the faithful carry on and to the Savior draw ever nigh! You see His hand lead and guide others on their way; you see His goodness, grace, and mercy compelling them to stay. With all that you see it’s hard to deny it; He’s real! Praise God Jesus is true! Oh, heavy heart of mine, why does He never speak to me…only you!?

Where is my joy and where is my leading? Where are my blessings? Please, tell me I’m pleading! Where is Your goodness and where is Your grace? I beg You my Savior; show me Your face! Why do You hide and make it so hard to be found? Why!! Dear God help me or forever I’m bound!

Oh, child of Mine; I hear your cries. Lift your head, calm your heart, and dry your weary eyes. Lay here by My side and I’ll answer all your ‘whys’.

“I saved your soul with Blood shed by men. You ask for goodness; be glad I let them! You ask for grace, yet you fail to see; though once destined for hell, it shall never be! “Amazing Grace,” you should shout, yet, you wallow in tears. The grace that I’ve shown you can’t be measured in years! Countless blessings I had for you every day, but you wandered and you left Me; I asked you to stay! In all that you read and heard about Me, though given by men, it was My plea!

Crowded out by the world and the sin in your heart, the joy found in Me had to depart. I was grieved and saddened by the choices you made; things would’ve been better if with Me you would’ve stayed! Your ‘Whys’ have been answered, you know what I’ve spoken is true. What you choose to do next is all up to you. Whatever you choose let this fact be known, you’ll reap much more then you’ve ever sown!”

I trembled at His Words and I felt so ashamed. I caused my dear Savior such grief and such pain. “Forgive me,” I shouted from the depths of my soul! “Cleanse me, use me, and make me whole!” At that Instant I saw Him with unfettered eye. “Dear Child I’m here, draw nigh!” I took one step forward and stopped in despair. “Dear God you’re so far; this trip I can’t bare!”

“Draw nigh,” He said, “one step at a time; for as you draw closer so will I. Stay faithful, stay strong, keep pressing through; just a little farther now, you can make it too!”

With His words leading me I followed His plan and before to much longer we walked hand in hand. He guided me and led me with His Spirit so strong; such joy, such peace here, why’d I ever mingle with wrong?!

Dear Christian, dear friend, dear fellow man; with all that you see and hear…draw nigh! Quit living for self, quit living to please, seek God on high and draw nigh! If you’re questioning God, or are lost in your sin; if you don’t remember your last time with Him. If the pride in your life is leading you away; if you fear your Savior will not stay…Draw Nigh!

Draw nigh to God and He will draw nigh to you. There’s no other way to make it through. Try it another way and you will fail; draw nigh to God and you will prevail! Quit looking around, quit questioning why. Quit the sad song; quit the loud sigh and just simply….Draw Nigh!

True happiness, true peace, true joy from on High comes only when we as His Children die to ourselves….and Draw Nigh!


Anonymous said...

This is really great! Godbless and keep safe. Thank you so much for your service! :)