June 17, 2009

As a Burning Candle

Joseph Cuestas

A candle lit by flaming fire, burns with no thought of itself.
It spreads its light as far as it can, conquering the darkness of earth.
As long as I need it, it burns steady on, wavering not, nor dimming with time. Yet, moment by moment that flaming fire eats at the wax and lowers the wick, it’s plain to see this candle won’t stick!

Complaining never and arguing not, it burns steady on, until all is gone.
The remains are few, yet the light brought forth remains, forever lingering on. For from its one flame many were lit, and the candle though gone shines forth in the other sticks.

So the lives which we live, once lit by the fire of His Spirit, shines forth among men for all to be seen. Giving off the Gospel light never to cease nor to dim. 'Till the time comes fast approaching when our wick is about to end. We gave all that we had, we spared not one part. We were consumed with a love for others, and now we’ve burnt out. As a candle burns for the benefit of others, seeking no gain for itself, so we who are lighted with the Gospel fire give all, though it cost us our self!

II Cor. 12:15 And I will very gladly spend and be spent for you; though the more abundantly I love you, the less I be loved.

To all who spent of themselves to give for me....Thank You!