October 15, 2010

Question # 12

Question: When you received your orders did you get them on MOL first? I keep trying to access web orders but it says I don't have permission. Do they come in a message? Thanks :D

Answer: Every time that I have received orders I was issued a paper copy. The orders given to me from boot camp stated that I would have seven days of leave followed by seven days of recruiters assistance to help my local recruiter after which time I was to report for Marine Combat Training in California. Then I was issued orders for Marine Corps Communications and Electronics School in Twentynine Palms, CA for training as an 0651. After completion of school I was issued Web Orders (this is the first time I receive a printed copy of Web Orders, all previous orders were not web orders) for my present duty station in NC. I never have accessed or even know where to look up my web orders. If you need a copy of your orders you can visit S-1 or Ipac. They may be able to access the information you need.

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