July 17, 2010

Question #9

Thanks for the Q/A section!- Were you able to get your CCNA certification at MOS? if not do you have a chance now in the field to get it?

No problem...I'm surprised how many questions I get! You will have the opportunity to get your CCNA Cert. in MOS school if you excel in the first three modules. There are four Modules to CCNA and after going through all 4 you have the opportunity to take the certification test. When I was at the school house the class for Module 4 ran during Microsoft Server and Exchange. So you were basically taking two very accelerated classes at the same time which makes it very difficult. If you do not get it in the school house that is fine, you will have the opporunity to take additional classes through the CTC (Communications Training Center) and recieve your certification through them. You will take these courses either on base or at another base close by. Since I have been in the fleet I have since recieve by Network+ Cert (Recieved A+ Cert. in MOS School) and am now working on my SWAN-D Cert (USMC Satellite System) and am slated for a Security+ course later this year. I'm hoping to take CCNA Module 4 and recieve that Cert as well but my plate is pretty full right now.

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