June 13, 2010

Question # 7!!

I heard it is illegal for four or five Marines to walk down the street together. Is this true and if so why?

In all of the training and education I have gleaned from the United States Marine Corps regarding rules and regulations, customs and courtesies, and appropriate and inappropriate behavior, this is not a rule or regulation I am familiar with. I have on more the one occasion walked with several fellow Marines on both public streets and sidewalks and private on base streets and sidewalks. The only exception I can thing of was when I was in a student status (MCT or Comm. School). When walking with a group of Marines during the work day we had to march to and from wherever we were going. This did not restrict the number of Marines though, just the way we arrived at our destination.

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Meadowlark said...

Back in the proverbial "old Corps" (hint: our son just finished boot camp, that's how old we are!) Husband and I both learned that two Marines may walk together, 3 or more must walk in formation, so to speak. I'm wondering if hearing something along those lines is what sparked this question??

Semper Fi!!!