February 9, 2010

A New Platoon and Lots of Shells!

I have been moved from the Data Platoon within MWCS-28 to the Satellite Platoon within MWCS-28. It is a much smaller shop compared to Data and for that fact alone I am glad. I will also have the opportunity to learn new equipment which will make me that much more useful to the Marine Corps. I was told this was only a temporary move, lasting only about six months, but I hope to learn much within that time.

Shortly after arriving to my new platoon I went to the rifle range for a couple of weeks. There we shot hundreds and hundreds of rounds on our M16-A4 rifles. We shot the known distance course (Or Table 1) from distances ranging from 200 Yrds. to 500 Yrds. There are several positions you shoot from and these include the prone (flat on your stomach), the sitting, the kneeling, and the standing. Each target is white with a black center area and has various point values for different parts of the target. The score for Table 1 and Table 2 are combined to give the actual score and designation as either a Rifle Marksman, Rifle Sharpshooter, or Rifle Expert.

Table 2 consists of firing at 25 Yrds. and 100 Yrds. and is focused on firing in combat. There are a few drills that are learned which include the "Controlled Pair" which is two well aimed shots to the chest, the "Failure to Stop" drill, which is two well aimed shots to the chest and one shot to either the head or the pelvis. There are also multiple target engagements and moving target engagements. Table three is very similar to table two but includes a few more drills. Table three is not used in the scoring process. I received a combined score of 313 which is classified as a Rifle Expert. The highest score possible is 350.

In addition to improving my rifle score I'm pretty sure I'll be moving up to the rank of Lance Corporal in March. I can't wait! Currently we are on another field op and after this I will be taking courses to learn to drive a Humvee. The training opportunities are endless but I am grateful to be learning new things and improving on things I am already familiar with.