April 7, 2009

Platoon 2170 - Picture and Video

Platoon 2170 was my home for the last three months (I'm in the first row in the middle). It is amazing how you can take 70+ individual men and form them all to work as one team. One of the main things that was emphasized while in training was that one persons actions affect the whole platoon. Something as simple as one man chewing while walking could land the whole platoon face down in the dirt doing push ups, among other things as well. Time and time again we as a platoon were disciplined and corrected for one persons doing. Sometimes it was my fault! We all had to learn one way or another to work together as a team.

It was often frustrating bearing the punishment for someone else's mistakes, especially if it was the same person over and over.....and OVER AND OVER AGAIN (you know who you are!). Even then, the lesson must be learned. When I am tired, I cannot quit for there are those who may fail, fall, or at the worst, die as a result. When I want to quit and go rest, I cannot because the success or failure of someone else is resting on my burdened shoulders. This lesson must be learned now and it must be learned well. You see, the stresses and burdens of boot camp are nothing compared to the stresses and burdens of war. As an individual we will most certainly fail; as a team we can accomplish anything.

Platoon 2170 learned this and many many other lessons. We went through a lot together and came out on the other end physically, mentally, and spiritually stronger. I wish all of you well and pray for your safety as you continue in training.

As Christians we must realize too, that we are but one member in the body of Christ, the church. We must all work together to do our part in what Christ has commissioned. When tired do we go soul winning, when rushed do we witness, when broke do we tithe? Though it may not be as apparent as it was in boot camp, our individual actions affect the whole body of our local church. And not only the body of believers, but also the countless souls of the unsaved who more then they know, need Christ! There were several times throughout boot camp when I thought to myself, "I don't want to do this", yet I literally had no choice in the matter. If we as Christians would only treat our church attendance, soul winning, and tithing as such. In all honesty we don't always want to go soul winning, or go to church, or help in some particular ministry; yet in our hearts we should say, "I have no choice", for we have been bought, redeemed, and sanctified by His precious Blood.

Fellow Marines and fellow Christians in all we do remember that there are those who are depending on us both physically and spiritually. If we fail we must realize the chances of their success are diminished. Therefore we must succeed in every mission given by our King of kings. To all reading...Stay Semper Fidelis!